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About SmartSprites

SmartSprites will let you easily introduce and maintain CSS sprites in your designs. SmartSprites parses special directives you can insert into your original CSS to mark individual images to be turned into sprites. It then builds sprite images from the collected images and automatically inserts the required CSS properties into your style sheet, so that the sprites are used instead of the individual images.

In other words, no tedious copying & pasting to your CSS when adding, removing or changing sprited images. Just work with your CSS and original images as usual and have SmartSprites automatically transform them to the sprite-powered version when necessary.

SmartSprites is available under BSD License.


SmartSprites Website and Documentation: detailed usage guide
Downloads: download SmartSprites binaries
Support: SmartSprites discussion group

Issue tracker: SmartSprites bug database powered by Atlassian JIRA
Build server: SmartSprites build server powered by Atlassian Bamboo




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