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  • Client-side demo application
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  • Backend served by the DCS
  • Fully client-side frontend
  • The choice of sources and source metadata (name, description, icon, example queries) defined in the front end
  • The key resources (lexical resources, algorithm attributes, configuration files) should be unpacked and ready for editing
  • Have an apps folder that will be made available by the DCS through HTTP, so that users can easily add.hack their own applications inside that folder.
    • Add a way to package the whole thing into a deployable WAR?
    • Add a way to serve the apps folder not through the DCS but e.g. through Apache for better performance?

Carrot2 Refactorings

  • DCS: Traffic capping by IP: max queries / second, max queries / minute, max queries / hour
  • DCS: Switch to Resteasy to remove boilerplate and make it easy to add new REST methods
  • DCS: remove support for XSLT, this can be added as a servlet filter
  • Remove user-facing  metadata from component suites? We only need to keep the human-readable name.
  • Ship with caching of remote document sources enabled
  • Add support for JSON input
  • The log dir location should be determined in the config (with the default pointing to the DCS directory). This way we'll avoid deployment problems (no write rights etc.)
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